Andy Tsianis




     Andreas (Andy) Tsianis, thought by many to be America’s greatest Greek clarinetist, is a true legend. His mastery and knowledge of ethnic Greek music, along with his amazing ability to play long, complicated phrases with perfect breath control, have placed him among the ranks of world class Greek clarinetists such as Saleas, Karayiannis, and Anestopoulos. Although his Greek heritage is from Tripoli in Arcadia, he has expended his musical knowledge to include music from all areas of northern Greece, central Greece, and all the Greek islands.

    Andy has performed and traveled worldwide, but he spent most of his life with his family in Long Beach, California, where he grew up cutting his teeth playing in famous Greek nightclubs such as the “Greek Village,” “The Torch,” and the “Athenian Gardens,” all in the Hollywood area. He has been a staunch member of the AHEPA (Greek American organization) and the Arcadian organizations, performing over the years for many of their events. Other performances include Star Studded Galas, famous movie star gatherings, movies, and many corporate functions. For several years Andreas was the proud owner of the famed “Trojan Horse Greek Restaurant” in long Beach, California (which featured the latest, greatest musicians, singers, and dancers from Greece).
    Andreas plays the bouzouki as well as the clarinet, and he and his group, the “Andreas Tsianis Orchestra,” have been Southern California’s leading orchestra for many years. Their versatility and ability to play American as well as ethnic music kept this group in top demand. Andreas (Andy) has performed on many albums and CD’s. The most recent is “Ecstasy in Belly Dancing, Vol. I” and “Atlantis, Vol. II.” For the past eighteen years he has performed annually at the highly prestigious Belly Dancer of The Universe Competition, which is held every Presidents Day weekend at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California.